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Cultivated ginseng
It is being grown in the ginseng field. it seems like a human so it is called Yellow and white ginseng. Numbers of rootlet can be different based on methods and moisture of fertilizer, however it has strong vegetation and root. Shape is different depending on ages and the adequate harvest time is when those ginsengs are 4years to 6years old.
Wild ginseng seed is raised artificially in the nature forest. We call this Janonoisam, Because of part of connecting of between stem and root is so long but normal people hardly distinguish it. It is raising well under the shadow of a kind of birch and a lacquer tree in the deep forest. Especially on a half shady and remote place.
Naturally grown ginseng
This ginseng grows up without hands under the nature in the deep forest. Also, this ginseng is more effective than the other usual ginsengs. the taste is a little Bitter and nature is a little warm. It protects stamina.
Fresh ginseng
The raw ginseng after the ginseng is harvested. Better to take as it is. Mixed with honey or milk and drink, or get used as a food components.
white ginseng
4~6years raw ginseng which is peeled out is a material. It is Peeled the epidemic a little and dried under 14% moisture. Long term storage is available.
Jiksam : Dried ginseng which is not folded.
Bankoksam : Dried ginseng which is folded half.
Koksam : Dried ginseng which roll-folded
Misam : Dried roots that were left over after ginseng manufacturing
Red ginseng
Dried ginseng after steaming; it has dark scarlet color. Long term storage is available and classified into Chunsam, Jisam, Yangsam according to its quality. Also, Red ginseng doesn't show allergy to those who are allergic to ginseng, moreover, it has proved that taking red ginseng helps people against diseases such as AIDS and Dioxin. Products in types of extract, powder, capsule and tea are available.

Soaking fresh ginseng in hot water for a certain time then dried. It is a certain product between red ginseng and white ginseng. Color and effectiveness are similar to red ginseng.

Korean ginseng
It has strong ordor and effectiveness because the length of cultivation is longer than other ginseng; while other ginseng has 120~130 days of cultivation, Korean ginseng has 180 days of cultivation. The root is straight and the shape is similar to human body, also, main root and rootlet and smaller rootlet are well grown.
It is produced in USA and Canada, and its root is similar to Korean ginseng; however, it has short rootlet and the surface is rough, also, it has stripes on the body.

It is raised mostly in China from the Northeast of Woonnamsung to Southwest of Kwangseosung. Root is straight and the color is dark. 3~4 cm big in a ball shape.

Its appearance is similar to the root of bamboo; it contains few medical ingredients. It is widely distributed including Japan, China, Northern India and Nepal.

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